Samit Basu is an Indian novelist whose body of work includes fantasy and superhero novels, his international breakthrough, Turbulence. The UK publication of Turbulence in introduced Samit Basu to the West. Turbulence opened to. 17 Aug A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Turbulence by Samit Basu. 30 Sep That said, when you do, there is going to be a moment when you realize that Samit Basu has essentially written an origin story without.

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Samit Basu

It is his writing that one really enjoys. The characters are likable. In a world where the Marvel franchise thinks that Ant-Man is a more important film to make than Wonder Woman, it is unfortunately exceptional that the big climatic Team Justice Samjt of Avenging Mutant Superheroes Uniting coalition happens with three men and four female superheroes one of whom is an anime-eyed child who goes around calling everyone Didi and Uncle.

Jun 30, Rachel Brown rated it really liked it Shelves: Move it to India and the UK, add some philosophical discussions, and you have turbulence.


Email required Address never made public. That, and the clever and knowing mix of Bollywood references, superhero cliches and cinematic action.

Just wildly fun, which is a lot ha Absurdly and gleefully enjoyable superhero comedy thriller. It comes from the sense of safety a reader gets samig the author’s awareness of social responsibility that storytelling carries matches a shared political sensibility.

Not random travellers, mostly well off people on an intercontinental people complaining about the in-flight entertainment but people from the darkest corners of the world, oppressed, forgotten, left-to-rot, hopeless places; people who would have torn the world down and rebuilt it from scratch if given a choice. But to give the story, turbulenfe a fresh twist, a spanner in the banner is thrown in, which alters the plot towards the end, not without surprise, considering how much of what went before was dreamy eyed individuals’ earnest desire to change the world – a desire which, surprisingly, runs through every super-powered individuals ambitions.

When Aman Sen gets off a plane from London to Delhi he discovers that he, and everyone on his flight, now has extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires.

Sep 26, Arun Divakar rated it did not like it. Aman Sen is smart, young, ambitious and going nowhere. The complete review ‘s Review:. Alphaland tkrbulence Cristina Jurado. In his previous Gameworld trilogyBasu layered pastiche upon parody upon homage upon satire until sometimes entire pages required footnotes to document all the metatextual allusions and references.

There are some lovely set pieces as the team discover and increase their new powers.

Strange Horizons – Turbulence by Samit Basu By Amba Azaad

Trubulence is a columnist, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist writing on travel, film, books and pop culture. Flight Lieutenant Vir Singh is all alone in the sky. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Even the plot was very bsau and the ending felt as if he didnt know what to do and just finished it someway. Later, when they land, a few discover that people are after them. As someone who never reads sci-fi or speculative fiction and only a dash of fantasy and only knows Basu from his nonfiction writing, I had no expectations going into this book and have nothing in particular to compare it to.

Plus there’s a lot of quiet geeky in-jokes, and more than a nod of homage to Watchmen, Marvel, and superhero comics in general. The story is about a bunch of people getting superpowers based on their heart’s deepest desires, all because they happened to be on a certain British Airways flight.

Samit Basu – Wikipedia

I think after you watch too many super-hero movies and read so many comics, anything you try in that area will eventually look like an badu super-hero. This site uses cookies. Some very funny moments, some super meta moments if you’re a comix geek, and baus all around goo This book is about a group of people mostly from India that were on an airplane and suddenly got the power to be what they always wanted to be He also runs a blog and was one of the first wave of popular Indian bloggers.

Sounds interesting and it turns out a mention on Boing Boing already had it on my to-read list.

So if the cover puts you off, ignore it, you’re missing something good. An unlikely combination of engaging humour and a juvenile story. Feb 16, Radhika rated it really liked it.

Impressive, too, is how well he realizes his characters in just short descriptions and snappy dialogue. Suddenly Tia and Jai’s gang become insignificant and he never explains the Iron-man suit it even becomes a suit-case just like the Iron Man movie!! I m not sure, what this book, was intended as?

What else is this about?: There are also plenty of loose ends, and chapters that go nowhere. Speaking of Turbulence ‘s female characters, though there are times when the lazy stereotypes that male writers use as shorthand for female character development are insufficiently challenged, on the whole Basu demonstrates a consistent awareness of feminism—and the lack thereof—in mainstream superhero narratives.

One of these is Jai, an indestructible one-man army with an old-fashioned goal — military conquest of the world. This book gets quite meandering after the first half or so, and the plot goes around in circles before ending with one of the worst endings I’ve ever read in a book that isn’t otherwise horrible.

His first novel, The Simoqin Prophecies, published by Penguin India inwhen Samit was 23, was the first book in the bestselling Gameworld Trilogy and marked the beginning of Indian English fantasy writing. To ask other readers questions about Turbulenceplease sign up. Although it was pretty good it didn’t keep me engaged, I would often stop after half a chapter then start again.

Or, I suppose, Bollywood movies; the influence is strong enough that even I, without much background, could pick out a few callbacks. Bob controls the weatherhowever believes their powers are all part of a giant conspiracy, which as you know is pretty damn apt. It may be a fast paced read, but going through it became a trudge through a swampy marsh with uninspired dialogues, insincere fighting sequences and which progressed around a very cliched theme of the anti-protagonist eager to rule the world by collecting super-powered individuals.

It is hard to articulate the feeling of relief I got when I finished the book and realized that not a single white character had a speaking role, that though London had been under curfew, presumably with faceless white people screaming in the background, the movers and shakers were all matter-of-factly brown. It is his writing that one really enjo An unlikely combination of engaging humour and a juvenile story. No more spoilery explanations or mysteries—here you go, some people suddenly have super-abilities.

The Uzma at the end of the book is a confident woman, taking on the mantle of something she never wanted. Everyone on a flight from London to Delhi ends up developing superpowers. The ending fell a little flat for me, but I enjoyed this book overall.