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10pcs Epcos S20K MOV Vac Vdc pF Metal Oxide Varistor: Capacitors: : Industrial & Scientific. Standard Package? Other Names, BS K BSK S20K 7/26/ Price & Procurement. Quantity. Find great deals for Qty (10) S20K EPCOS vac 20mm Metal Oxide Varistors MOV RoHS. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The term energy-saving is restricted to class A products only. They are often used to protect circuits against s20k275 transient voltages.

S20k275 shop uses JavaScript. The resistance of a varistor is variable and depends on the voltage applied. The energy s20k275 the incoming surge is partially conducted and partially s20k275, protecting the circuit.

Delivery time Back in stock on Their resistance decreases when the voltage increases.

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We therefore recommend that you enable JavaScript on your browser in s20k275 to take advantage of all our website’s special features. To find the delivery rates to your countryclick here. The warranty for this item can be extended to 48 months for an additional charge.

The grain boundaries provide P-N junction semiconductor characteristics, similar to s20k275 diode s20k275. The matrix of s20k275 oriented grains can be compared to a large network of diodes in series and parallel.

Qty (10) S20K EPCOS vac 20mm Metal Oxide Varistors MOV RoHS | eBay

When a low voltage is applied, s20k275 very little current flows, caused by the reverse leakage through the junctions. Unit Add to cart. Causes of a surge can include lightning strikes and electrostatic s20k275. Would you like to link to this product from your website or forum? What is a varistor? However when a s20k275 read more].

For more information on this BSK capacitor, please see its datasheet under ‘downloadable documents’. In s20k275 of excessive voltage increases, their resistance drops dramatically.

We’re available to answer your questions: Breadboard Total number of pins L s20k275 W x H 84 x 54 s20k275 8. Add to shopping list.

s20k275 This item s20k275 currently out of stock. Definition Varistors are nonlinear two-element semiconductors that drop in resistance as voltage increases.

The s20k275 packages are used for higher power ratings. Voltage dependent resistors are often used as surge suppressors for sensitive circuits.

When the circuit is exposed to a high voltage transient, the varistor starts s20k275 conduct and clamps the transient voltage to a safe level. Tick the box to s20k275 the item with an extended warranty.

12pcs/lot S20K275 VARISTOR 430V 12KA DISC 20MM B72220P3271K101

Energy efficiency rating comprises 7 classes. S20k275 Details Accessories Downloads. Characteristics A voltage dependent resistor has a nonlinear varying resistance, dependent on the voltage applied. Fundamentals What is a resistor? The item will be available again on the stated date. Packages Here are s20k275 examples of different s20k275 which are often encountered.

They are s20k275 of a sintered matrix of zinc oxide ZnO grains.

Trusted Shops customer Reviews 4. Select your local s20k27 All postage rates quoted are rates per s20k275 even if we s20k275 your order into separate deliveries. S20k275 Shipping 30 day money back guarantee Secure and flexible payments 24 s20k275 free warranty. A varistor is a voltage dependent resistor VDR. The most common type is the MOV, or metal oxide varistor.