15 Jun By encouraging devotion to the Heart of Jesus, the Encyclical “Haurietis Aquas” exhorted believers to open themselves to the mystery of God. Haurietis Aquas. 87 likes. Envie de partir en camp sur les pas d’un saint? De visiter l’Europe? Tu as un cousin, une sœur, un fils qui veut occuper son. Haurietis Aquas has 5 ratings and 1 review. April said: This encyclical was written for the th year anniversary of the extension of the feast of the S.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. For what was not assumed could not be healed. We mean the fullness of mercy which is proper to the New Testament, in which “the goodness and kindness of God our Savior appeared,” for “God sent not His Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved by Him.

While We gaze round at such a marvelous sight, namely, a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus both warm and widespread among all ranks of the faithful, We are filled with a sense of gratitude and joy and consolation.

She who gave birth to our Savior according to the flesh and was associated with Him in recalling the children of Eve to the life of divine grace has deservedly been hailed as the spiritual Mother of the whole hxurietis race.

We make Our own these words of the Apostle of the Gentiles: So it is that the cult of love, which becomes visible in the mystery of the Cross presented anew in every celebration of the Eucharist, lays the foundations of our capacity to love and to make a gift of ourselves cf. Hence they do not think it suitable to re-enkindle the spirit of piety in modern times [1].

For after ten days the Holy Spirit, given by the heavenly Father, came down upon them gathered in the Upper Room in accordance with the promise made at the Last Supper: Lists with This Book. Jesus did, in fact, renew the life of the Church, enlivening the hearts of believers, with this devotion to His Sacred Heart. Consequently, there must be paid to it that worship of adoration with which the Church honors the Person of the Incarnate Son of God Himself.

These were not satisfied with establishing a feast in honor of the most Sacred Heart of the Redeemer and extending it to the Universal Awuas they were also responsible for the solemn acts of dedication which consecrated the whole human race to the same Sacred Heart. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Peter’s, the 15th of May,the eighteenth year of Our Pontificate. This most tender, forgiving and patient love of God, though it deems unworthy the people of Israel as they add sin to sin, nevertheless at no time casts them off entirely.

It enables us to entrust ourselves to his saving and merciful love, and at the same time strengthens us in the desire to take part in his work of salvation, hauretis his instruments. All who profess themselves Catholics accept this without question.

An overview of the devotion to the Sacred Heart – with a full history and theological discussion in this haudietis by Pius XII.

Haurietis Aquas: On Devotion to the Sacred Heart

The title is derived from Isaiah Likewise we ought to meditate most lovingly haurrietis the beating of His Sacred Heart by which He seemed, as it were, to measure the time of His sojourn on earth until that final moment when, as the Evangelists testify, “crying out with a loud voice ‘It is finished. Eric Williams rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Therefore when We perceive so fruitful an abundance of healing waters, that is, heavenly qquas of divine love, issuing from the Sacred Heart of our Redeemer, spreading among countless children of the Catholic Church by the inspiration and action of the divine Spirit; We can only exhort you, venerable brethren, with fatherly affection to join Us in giving tribute of praise and heartfelt thanks to God, the Giver of all good gifts.

Margaret Mary regarding those who would have a devotion to His Sacred Heart.

Can a form of devotion surpassing that to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be found, which corresponds better to the essential character of the Catholic faith, which is more capable of assisting the present-day needs of the Church and the human race? Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with thy whole heart, and thy whole soul, and thy whole strength. And there is more. It is, besides, the symbol of that burning love which, infused into His soul, enriches the human will of Christ and enlightens and governs its acts by the most perfect knowledge derived both from the beatific vision and that which is directly infused.

As a pledge of these favors with a full heart We impart to each one of you, venerable brethren, together with the clergy and faithful committed to your charge, to those in particular who by their devoted labors foster and promote the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Our apostolic benediction. There are those who consider a devotion of this kind as primarily demanding penance, expiation and the other virtues which they call “passive,” meaning thereby that they produce no external results.

We mean the decree, which We referred to above, of the Sacred Congregation of Rites of the 23rd of August by which Our predecessor of immortal memory, Pius IX, in answer to the prayer of the French Bishops and of almost the whole Catholic world, extended the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Universal Church and ordered it to be fittingly observed.

Haurietis Aquas: On Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Pope Pius XII

In order that favors in greater abundance may flow on all Christians, nay, on the whole human race, from the devotion to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus, let the faithful see to it that to this devotion the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God is closely joined. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. We are convinced, then, that the devotion which We are fostering to the love of God and Jesus Christ for the human race by means of the revered symbol of the pierced Heart of the crucified Redeemer has never been altogether unknown to the piety of the faithful, although it has become more clearly known and has spread in a remarkable manner throughout the Church in quite recent times.

And finally – and this in a more natural and direct way – it is the symbol also of sensible love, since the body of Jesus Christ, formed by the Holy Haurirtis, in the womb of the Virgin Mary, possesses full powers of feelings and perception, in fact, more so than any other human body.

We do not think it essential to Our subject to cite at length passages from the Old Testament books which contain truths divinely revealed in ancient times.

John, is our example; resting our heads on the breast of Jesus, listening closely to the sublime beats of His Heart, He makes us new creations. Thus, to give examples: It’s worth saving forever! Reimagining the Ignatian Examen: