: Army Field Manual FM (Field Hygiene and Sanitation) ( ): The United States Army: Books. Field Hygiene and Sanitation FM AFM [Departments of the Army and the Air Force] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Field Hygiene and Sanitation.

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Locally produced food products, including ice and beverages, will not be procured without prior approval of the sur- geon.

FM 21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation

If the chlorine residual is less than the desired level, add enough chlorine to raise the residual to the required level. Hygiehe of Communicable Diseases Manual 16th Edition.

For sanitation requirements of ice used in fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation operation of ice- boxes or ice chests, reference is made to c below. The body loses large amounts of heat through the head.

Do not share these items to prevent the spreading of infections.

Use Table A-l to determine the amount to add to untreated water. First Aid for Soldiers. Terms Used in Relation to Water a.

This refers to a direct measure used to prevent or to help prevent a disease. Meals should be planned so that there will fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation a minimum of leftover food.

When treated water is not obtainable, the commander must insure that proper water treatment methods are used in his unit. Diseases Spread by the Respiratory Route Respiratory infections account for the highest in- cidence of disease in the Army. A soakage pit para 79 must be provided under each device to prevent water from collecting.

Full text of “FM Field Hygiene and Sanitation”

In all fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation of footgear, feet perspire more and are generally less well ventilated than other parts of the body.

Make sure spigots are clean and in place. It is empha- sized that water discipline does not imply doing without water. No one should be permitted to leave the mess area and return without washing his hands properly under the observation of supervisory personnel. For his own sake, as well as for the sake of his buddies, it is imperative that every individual know and observe the rules of hygiene and sanitation and adhere to the principles of good health and good living.

Fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation to Table in Chapter 3. Vapor burner for messkit washing setup. Avoid tight clothing, including tight underwear.

These measures are discussed fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation detail in sub- sequent chapters of this manual. Avoid sexual contact, or at least insist that your sex partner uses a condom— condoms help prevent STD transmission.

These figures are printed on the tubes. This danger is not as great with the oil-water flash burner 6 below as it is with the vapor burner c below. In extremely cold climates body fluid losses are not as great as in hot climates ; however consideration must be given to requirements for potable water in the reconstitution of dehydrated foods.

Sustaining Soldier Health and Performance in Yugoslavia: Among the important adverse effects of the elements are frostbite, trench foot, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and sunburn. The loss of sleep will reduce the service member’s ability to perform his duties and the leader’s ability to make decisions. Avoidance fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation the sources of disease.

Fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation is neces- sary, however that all parts of the food be heated close to boiling temperature. When it becomes necessary to transport bulk quantities of meat and dairy prod- ucts over considerable distance, refrigerated vehi- cles should be used. Exercise Regular exercising of muscles and joints is neces- sary in maintaining physical stamina and good health. If the color of the water is the same shade or darker than the band, the chlorine residual is equal to or greater than that printed on the tube.

Although surface water is ordinarily more contaminated than other water sources, it fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation commonly selected for use in the field because it is generally more accessible in the quantity required.

The garbage, rubbish, and other such material may have to be transported to a waste disposal facility. The military is composed of indi- viduals of various ages, races, and religious be- liefs.

Unless the medical of- ficer advises otherwise, fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation known cases should be hospitalized or otherwise separated from healthy persons para 18b. The Army and Air Force provide for its members a medical service of the highest possible caliber htgiene therefore the individ- ual has no reason for delaying needed medical care, for resorting to self-treatment, or for seek- ing treatment from unauthorized sources.

When used intelligently, they are very effective. Oil-Water Flash Burner fig.

FM Field Hygiene and Sanitation – Army Board Questions

Quantity of Water Required The quantity of water required for fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation varies with the season of the year, the geographical area, and the tactical situation. Apply foot powder on feet and in boots when changing socks. In the field, engineer troops will not usually deliver water to units but will establish and operate water points where water is treated and stored.

Tight fitting uniforms reduce blood circulation and ventilation. Preferred method— iodine tablets: Fur- thermore, painting the fiel black or some other dark, dull color increases the absorption of heat from the sun. Be sure to follow all safety precautions on all fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation of the pesticides that you use.

The food waste is placed in a scrap can. Very little smoke or odor is produced when the burner is operating properly. If no tub or shower is fm 21-10 field hygiene and sanitation and one cannot be improvised para 45the body should be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water, paying particular attention to the body creases armpits, groin, vm crotchthe face, the ears, the hands, the feet, and under the foreskin.