The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life has ratings and 33 reviews. Julia said: I have read this book before, but for some reason now I. After your friend reads the second presentation they may ask you a question. Don Failla has developed the “Napkin Presentations” upon which this book is. 8 Feb If you’re looking for a The 45 Second Presentation review by Don Failla, then this is the post for you. We have bought and read many of the top.

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You don’t even need a large number of customers. It’s not absolutely nec- essary to have them written down, but it doesn’t hurtjust so long as you have some definite things in mind that are a burning desire for you to achieve.

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life

This book will go a long way don failla 45 second presentation making you ABLE to meet that responsibility. If you see all five, at once, one don failla 45 second presentation person could spoil it for the other four. Up motivation is dramatically increasing as the numbers continue to grow.

My company just declared Chapter XI. From the time you leave your home for your weekly training session, attend the meeting, have coffee and drive home, you have already spent three to five hours. How much do you seocnd have left to accumulate? If you never communicate anything but this one point to the people you sponsor, then you will have the key that will make you more successful than most others in Multi- Level Marketing programs.

They look forward to your coming for a visit, business or pleasure. They could use the tape to review the presentation later or as a tool to help them sponsor their friends. They presrntation also called your “first level” distributors.

The 45 Second Presentation Review, Summary and Footnotes

This is a variation from Napkin Presentation 2 and should look like this: Trivia About The 45 Second Pre So you want 5 serious people or five gold ships. Multi-Level refers to the system of compensation provided to those persons who are causing the product don failla 45 second presentation move or the service to be provided.

Most objections that people have about getting fai,la Multi-Level Marketing don failla 45 second presentation due to their not realizing the differences between MLM and the Direct Sales methods of marketing.

After reading the book, your prospect will understand network marketing. Sound neat concepts, easy to read. You are now on your own. This point will come up again in a couple of other Presentations.

Isn’t it interesting that anyone using this system can sponsor one Friend a month and teach them to do the same.

You’re standing on the dock! The deeper you go the hotter it gets!

Hold out your thumb for illustration. You should mention to your distributor that once someone understands this they can see the importance of working down-group.

The 45 Second Presentation Review, Summary and Footnotes

But then we hasten to say, “What’ s wrong with that? At this point, you should be into your presentation 10 to 15 minutes.

When afilla take a hot bath, it seems the don failla 45 second presentation the bath, the quicker you seem to cool off. All your second level people are worth 10 degrees each for you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Point out the difference between five and six which is of course, one. The least important word is “sell.

This can presentatioh be done along with anything else you have already been doing outside of MLM. Do you or they know anybody like that? A good place to do this is in a restaurant.

Going to seminars, getting together with your sponsor, reading a book, moving some product, obtaining more knowledge-these are all forms of hot-bath or down-motivation.