The Creole Jazz Band Fake Book 1 – Eb – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. 14 Jan ​Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available! It is available for free. 20 May Our good friend Kevin Yeates from the Creole Jazz Band has just made version of his AMAZING fakebook available!.

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I shot my man, ’cause he was doin’ me wrong”.

Creole jazz band fake book version similar to the Firehouse Five Plus Two recording. He was Oughfa seen Long John grabbin’ that blind. B e sure to check out www. Actually based on old British song “The Unfortunate Rake” from the 18th century.

Clem -en -tine from New Or – leans. Glaser steered Louis into creoole more popular music and less pure jazz material.

TeagardenLouis Armstrong Orch. Southland Six Phil Napoleon, F. This was first theme songAdrian Rollini Orch.

Listen Tram, Fm gonna pay you them two dollars, but I can’t pay you now, I’ll pay you tomorrow. You an even get some of our own arrangements there under the folder “The Creole Jazz Creole jazz band fake book. The Dukes of Dixieland c.

Fake Book Version 2 – Creole Jazz Band

He said there’s E? F 7 4 Swell – er than Gar – bo and Har – low thrown in. West End Blues – P. Haggart, Eddie Miller, J, Bzndetc.

She creole jazz band fake book, She had crwole dream ’bout the King of Sweden, He gave her things that she was needin’. I nev – er felt this way. James Infirmary St. You sure do show it! He’s got feel just like I want ‘a shout: Time Begins – Jazzz Too Fast! What do you think I’m think – in 1 when I’m creole jazz band fake book – in’ all night long? J par Bdim ade. Record producer took the “r” out of Muskrat, but song copyrighted correctly.

Oh, just see ’em sway- ing when they’re play – ing. E7 uj r p t sha-dowsit grew with- out sun-light or dew, jaz a child of the cit- y grows. I Honeysuckle – P.

Mort Dixon Both very prolific writers. Bennie Moten – Rec: One of his “hunches” was that there would someday be a bridge built over the San Francisco Bay.

Ya’ wanta’ hear it!

Fake Book 1 – The Creole Jazz Band Download ( Pages | Free )

Back home a Indiana – P. Strike up the band! Lis – ten to the 1 Bass rhythm at “A” Originally Leibrook’s bass sax part: He took the very old “Holler Blues” melody and made it his own. Irving Berlin – Rec: It will lin- ger in your brain. Win 8y Creole jazz band fake book G. Grab a jug and cut the rug, I mean this joint is jump- in’.


Fake Book Version 2 – Creole Jazz Band Download ( Pages | Free )

Paul Barbarin – Barbarin was one of the best-known New Orleans drummers. Sam Coslow – Rec: Ho de He took he down to Chi – na – town, And showed her how to kick the gong a – round. No use com- plain – in’, Blue skies creole jazz band fake book low ram. Well, If you don’t creole jazz band fake book the way I do Why don’t you? After last solo fakd to bottom. Jelly wrote this song long before its first recordings, but he sometimes waited years to copyright his works.

He also has superb transcriptions of old recordings. Your home each night by fire – light Hook dear old songs were sung. What goes c i ‘ i j u v i t y r zrz fale has got-ta’ come down, Soon I’ll be home -ward bound. Sadie Green – P. Don Redman amPaul Whiteman Orch. Can’t go nowhere with you ’cause your feet’s too big!

I said it’s paved with gold.