of the content of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? Two Comprehensive Plans Mandated by the Local CLUP Guidebook Volume 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following in the preparation of this Guide given their active. VOLUME 2: CLUP – ZONING ORDINANCE | ii. Table of Contents. Municipal as provided for in the Ordinance. CLUP Guidebook Volume 3.

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Climate and disaster risk, and the formulation of a risk-sensitive land use plan. For example, regulations in a Residential-5 R5 Zone allows all uses from the R zones such as single-detached dwelling units, residential subdivisions, etc. Otherwise, acquisition of goods and services may decrease which will eventually affect the well-being of the members of the poor households.

Some were concerned on whether they would have to read the books because the contents might not be included in the exam. While some board takers are worried about whether they should study the updated versions or the old ones, I recommend the updated ones.

These population outcomes, in turn, affect development and environment processes. They are also useful in the succeeding stages of the planning process; plan implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Consult a lawyer, anyone?

Additional information that may further characterize the local population may be generated from consultations and workshops during the conduct of the sectoral studies.

Refer to Annex 3 for a more detailed discussion. If this prevails over time, the Philippine population would double in less than 30 years. Social Services and Welfare Services Data about age cohorts by age and economic circumstances are necessary in quantifying potential social welfare services demand. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Religious Affiliation Mention the various religions in the locality and give percentage distribution of each. Governance has to be reinvented based on the following principles: Determine which among the major occupation has the highest number of employed persons and examine the distribution to major industry group.

This implies, in turn, the consideration called dependency burden. The basic tasks and activities per step are all outlined, and a Gantt chart format can be used to keep the planning activities on track. Celestino Ulep for the technical editing works. There are three general types of population pyramid as shown in Figure 3. The doubling time in years of various rates of growth is shown in Table 2. Hierarchy and linkage of plans.

Other Population Characteristics Analyze and discuss information and knowledge on other population descriptions using basic data gathered from NSO.

Simply add all of the figures in Table 4.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 2 – [PDF Document]

While fertility represents additions to the population and results in the restoration of the population, mortality represents an attrition or reduction in numbers. For example, volumf a blank chart of the four volumf modules and try to fill in the planning stages and outputs. It does not acquire dynamism in it unless one ask: A participatory process is one opportunity to advocate the value of multi-sectoral partnerships in the determination of key issues and concerns and how to address them.

Extent guideboko urbanization of a locality at a certain point in time is indicative of the progress or development taking place. Component or cohort-survival method projects the future population by various demographic components such as age and sex using information on births, deaths, and migration.

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

This is considered vital in making development interventions that are legitimate and acceptable. Education The age structure and population age groups determine the number of school-going age population, and their impact on educational facilities and manpower requirements.

Marital Status Both the marital status and age-sex distribution when analyzed can indicate the fertility pattern in a locality. It is a commonly used volime when we talk about fertility. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Urban 1 2 3 Sub total B. This would be the births in a specific age-group of women, say, age group I, divided by the population of women in group I. Guiidebook on the substeps provided.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 2

The locality may opt to adjust projections or use methods other than the above specially in cases where the actual population is observed to experience high growth rates triggered by subdivision development, calamities or such other factors that result to in and out-migration, among others.

The whole LGC was written to devolve the national governmental functions to the local, and the provisions govern local.

Population size, its growth and geographical distribution would bear on the guidenook of transportation facilities inasmuch as the flow of commodities from production to consumption areas is induced by the demand of population for such commodities.

Areas with considerable unemployment may be determined and the data can guide the planners in redirecting development towards the area to create job opportunities for existing and projected population.

Determine the percentage increase or decrease of the population from each census year and plot these on a graph to show trend. Follow these steps using the same data in Sample Working Table 1 above: Section of RA states that the average annual income of a city should be at least 20M. The Multi-Lingual Demographic dictionary of the United Nations defines demography as coup scientific study of the human population primarily with respect to size, structure and development.