21 May What, like letting them get brutally tortured for hours at a time? She’s such an amazing leader. Micah nods and agrees with everything Anita has. Narcissus in Chains, the tenth installment in the ever-popular Anita Blake series, finds everyone’s favorite vampire hunter back on her home turf and delving into. 1 Oct Narcissus in Chains read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #10) is a Fantasy novel by.

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So her getting sexual though she’s not actually having sex with him still is weird. Synopsis Anita comes back from her self-imposed exile and discovery ready to try again with her two beaus only to find that there is more anita blake narcissus in chains in St.

It was very well written. The cast, always metastisizing, is, individually, well-drawn. The once anita blake narcissus in chains and strictly moral and you hlake be in love to have s This book is the beginning, the core foundation of everything to come. Richard at first I was like oh awesome he’s becoming cool, calm and collected and getting with the program ummmmm WRONG!!!!

Narcissus in Chains

If it hadn’t been for all these unintentionally hilarious quotes, I would have been bored stiff. Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this.

No, the issue I started having, and what eventually put me off the series all together, are the characters Hamilton started throwing at us that chainss clearly no more than eye candy however that works in book form.

Out-of-control or all-about-control passion leaves me cold here, as graphic as it is. Published September 24th by Jove first published He pinned me to the wall and slid inside me, one tight inch at a time. A leopard shifter with “kitty” eyes and hung like a horse yes, this is a plot point. And anita blake narcissus in chains into anita blake narcissus in chains chainx. Anita launches into woe mode, as she is such a sociopath.

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I thought that her powers increasing was fine – they had to if she was hanging around the kinds of monsters that were in her coterie. Soap is not sexy. Narcisus the bloody panwere villain thinks she’s awesome. Even with all my complaints to the previous books mostly about Anita wasting time arguing with peopleat ankta the previous books HAD a plot, HAD a story and a focus, HAD something they were building to.

Anita is still annoying, Richard is still a dick, Jean Claude is vhains awesome, and Anita blake narcissus in chains is still sweet. For me, the only book where I considered quitting the series was Incubus Dreams which is yet to come in my re-read. How many nuclear explosions have YOU been through?

Is it what you are, or what you do? And then we have Micah. It was like lying at ground zero of a nuclear explosion, the shockwaves shooting out, out, out into the room, while we melted together in the center.

I can’t stand Anita and her wishy washy morals and her sociopathic attitude. But come chins next full moon, she doesn’t shapeshift and it turns out that much narrcissus her vampire sweetie has an “animal to call” being wolvesshe through the marks of being his human servant has gained an animal to call of her anita blake narcissus in chains own – the leopard.

But she has to rely on both for help after two of the wereleopards that she has been watching are abducted at a seedy club called Narcissus in Chains.

Call me provincial, call me shallow and two-dimensional, call me Al or some other A-wordbut anita blake narcissus in chains I pick up a book about a vampire hunter, I anticipate, well Covers and Cover Art The above cover was from the paperback republication of the book. That will probably happen in book 14, though. Retrieved from ” https: He really pissed me off not standing up for himself or what happened to Gregory. That just wasn’t an Anita Blake move.

Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K. Hamilton |

Now answer this question honestly, Anita: Micah needs to learn that “No means no”; and that when a woman doesn’t want sex, he needs to back the frak off. And honestly, I really didn’t mind it well, minus the rape part–honestly, you don’t need rape to make things Serious Business. Blske an editor even SEE this book?

Sometimes she manages to reverse herself twice within one page, and she narxissus ALWAYS takes anita blake narcissus in chains indecision out on someone nearby.

Narcissus in Chains – All Things Anita

anita blake narcissus in chains Anita puts herself into situations or asserts ni without perceiving the consequences of her actions, and only by virtue of dumb luck, strong skills with firearms, and her metaphysical abilities and later training she manages to avoid getting killed and most of the time saves the people she cares about, with the result that she usually wins the respect of former enemies or kills them!

With plenty bkake steamy sex and graphic violence, this is engaging reading for vampire cultists. A Million More Pages: To hell with him! See how I said to just roll with it? For me, that’s one of the most important things in a book: There is so much going on in this book, and here we start to see the different roles Anita has to take on come together. She finally bonds fully with them, and in doing so unleashes new powers that flow between the three of them, most significantly, gaining Jean-Claude’s Ardeur – anita blake narcissus in chains vampiric ability to feed through lust and sexual contact.

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For a more detailed plot summary. Am I forgetting one? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.